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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Frankie's Quest PSP gameplay


  1. hey just want to know if this homebrew is HBL compatible.

  2. Hi, we're not sure! Could you test it out for us?

    We've tested it on the following systems:
    PSP 1000 5.00 M33-6
    PSP 2000 5.00 M33-6
    PSP 3000 ??*

    * We quickly tested it on a friend's PSP 3000; didn't check the firmware version.

  3. Hello i'm pleased to anounce that Frankie's Quest is working on my psp 3000 OFW 6.20 with HBL ( though I'm not sure of my HBL version).
    Great game btw. Very good graphs and really original way of holding the PSP

  4. Hi, thank you very much for confirming that it is compatible with HBL! We're don't have access to a wide range of hardware to test on, so we're dependent on other homebrew users (such as yourself) to test and provide us with feedback.

    We're glad you like the game! We're in the process of adding more content, so stay tuned. In the meanwhile, please distribute Frankie's Quest to all your friends, torrent it, etc., and spread the word. We would like more feedback!

    PS: Sorry for the late reply!

  5. Hey,

    I just discovered this wonderful home brew, great work mate, I really was like holding the psp wrong, mmmm ... but its really nice, great job! This game is better then most games I bought lately!

    This works on chickHEN R2 and on HBL r109 (+TN-A, 6.20) on psp3004. Hoping to see more of this !

  6. Hi Svennson,

    Thanks for testing it out on your system for us; we're very happy that it's working for you and that you like it!

    Also, thanks for the kind words; it's motivation for us to do better!