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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome to Frankie's Quest

Hello everybody!

Welcome to the official blog for Frankie's Quest the game.

Meet Frankie Junior - the cutest creation of the brilliant yet eccentric scientist, Doctor Frankenstein. When the good Doctor goes missing, Frankie embarks on a quest to find him. Follow his adventures and meet colorful characters like Draco, the son of Count Dracula and Feli, a wise inscrutable cat.

Frankie's Quest is a classic game of minesweeper with role-playing elements. Click on tiles to uncover what's underneath them. An uncovered tile may contain traps (which reduce Frankie's stamina), candies (which can be collected and eaten to regain stamina), gems (which are valuable) or an object which will allow Frankie to pass into the next level. The markings in an open tile indicate the number of traps that surround it.

More updates to come; follow our RSS feed and stay updated!

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